1-      The customer will bear the cost of shipping the products, shipping is done through the approved companies of the store such as (DHL, ARAMEX), and the store sometimes provides free shipping for some products (this will be announced explicitly on the product page), and the store offers free shipping for products that exceed the value of 1000 Saudi riyals, and the address must include the building number, villa or apartment number in addition to the street and city name, zip code and phone number, and the name of the person concerned must be written according to the registration form on the site.

2-      Products are shipped to the customer within 3 to 7 working days if the product is available (according to the current shipping conditions in light of the curfew and the closure of some areas and cities, the delivery period is longer than usual and may sometimes reach more than 14 working days after Complete the purchase order), and from two weeks to a month if it is not available, as is the case with international shipments, delivery time varies depending on the country you send to, and you can track the status of the shipment by entering your account in the store.

3-      The customer undertakes to keep electronic payment receipts that may be requested from him during the delivery of the products, and also pledges to sign the product receipt.

4-      The customer is obliged to pay the price of the products he requested to purchase (if he did not pay by electronic means) in addition to re-shipping (if any) once the products are received on delivery.

5-      The customer undertakes to examine the products before signing them to receive them from the shipping representative, and he acknowledges that his signature on the receipt is conclusive evidence that the products are free from any apparent defects such as damage, breakage and defects.

6-      The store is not responsible to the customer regarding the delay in the date of delivery of the products in the case of any out of control emergency, such as force majeure," including but not limited to" floods, storms, war, public issues ... etc.

7-      In the case that the store delays delivery of the sold products due to a force majeure until it becomes clear that delivery of the sold products is not possible on the specified delivery date, the store here must immediately inform the customer of these conditions and provide the customer with a new delivery date.

8-      During the delay period, the customer's responsibilities to pay will cease until the conditions of force majeure are addressed, after which the customer's payment obligations will be completed.

9-      The customer undertakes to treat the shipping representative well, and bears all legal responsibility for any personal errors issued against the representative of the freight, and the store also disclaims liability for any personal errors that the shipping agent makes against the customer.

10-  In the event that the customer refuses to receive the products from the freight representative despite their conformity with the aforementioned specifications, the customer here considers that he has received the products legally and is obliged to pay for the shipping process, either amicably or judicially.

11-  The customer is obliged to abide by the warehouse shipping policy, which may change from time to time.

12-  We deliver orders on normal business days, which are from Sunday to Thursday, except for weekends and official holidays. At this time, we do not have the ability to deliver orders on weekends.

13-  Value-added tax is applied at 15% of the total demand with all domestic shipments within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but in the case of international shipments, the said tax is not collected; However, the customer is obliged to pay any taxes or customs of the country to which the shipment is sent.

14-  Any error or shortage of order information such as mobile number, or shipping address may lead to order delay.

15-  We will not be able to ship products to incomplete addresses, or different from the ones recorded in the purchase order.

16-  If it is impossible to reach you or if the delivery is refused for any reason other than a mistake in the order that was sent, the freight value is only collected or deducted from the amount previously paid to the Almotkamel store.

17-  Regarding international shipments, in the case that the customer refuses to pay the customs value or additional taxes applied according to the rules of each country, the shipment will be returned to us again with the customer loading the entire shipping value from and to the store management in addition to the customs value or taxes that may be paid to deliver Shipment to the address registered in the delivery request.